Monday, June 22, 2009

Wireless Risk Assessment needed Keep Problems at Bay

Every organization works towards making itself more secure and protected. Its main aim is to protect the data relating to both the organization as well as it’s valued customers. With so many security breaches happening in companies these days, it has become essential to save a company's sensitive information from being stolen or hacked. The article talks about importance of wireless risk assessment to avoid a serious security threat in a company.

Wireless security has become a major challenge for the companies as wireless become pervasive. Companies do install security systems but they forget that it needs to be checked both internally and externally on a daily basis. They need to understand the importance of wireless security system to secure the channels through which they share and transfer their data. Otherwise, it would be tough to control, monitor and verify the network sources of wireless data.

To help these organizations carry out their task efficiently and effectively, there are many tools and services available. Wireless Application security risk assessment is the a service that offers complete security. It thoroughly checks the data you use and transfer, checks the various policies and procedures of your company, keeps conducting routine checks for data analysis and offers guidance for safeguarding these kinds of activities against future problems.

You can maintain the information of your organization by using this risk assessment process. It conducts both internal and external tests. . It also offers a complete report of the results found and offers solutions to solve the problems. These services can be affordable in a typical environment.

This security assessment process is also available for various mobile phones as they are also becoming the targets of attack Typical safety measures that you can install for safeguarding your information include installing firewall protection, intrusion detection, and host monitoring.

Things will be alright if you take a few steps to avoid problems beforehand. By installing these security processes and tools in the network, you can easily ensure the long-term safety and security of the organization. After all, this is ultimately going to benefit your company and customers. Maintaining wireless security in both the network system and mobile phones has become necessary as they hold valuable information.

An expert of network security assessment , of KRAA Security a leading application security risk assessment company, has written this article.

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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Vanguard Security Conference - Supplier Security

I spoke at the Vanguard Security Conference ( Vanguard has been doing this conference for a number of years. The focus is on Mainframe security. Most security professionals these days have never worked on MF security. I am proud to say I have back in the mid-90’s. We perhaps I shouldnt be do happy, it was over a decade ago.

The point being, that there are so many areas of security out there that most of us will never touch yet there is a dire need for professionals. The conference was less attended, as are most conferences this year, but I found the folks here are REALLY interested in learning and excited about the classes.

My topic was on Supplier Risk Management processe. You are asking yourself, what is that? I asked myself that same question in coming up with some good processes to target Supplier security. We have to go way beyond a SAS70 if you want real security over the hundreds or thousands of vendors that a large company may work with.

The Problem:

-No framework for managing vendor risk
-Inconsistent processes for tracking vendors
-Lack of enforcement capabilitiesThe Problem:

The Opportunity:

-Provide practical steps to manage vendor access/management
-Provide cost effective solution for risk mitigation
-Provide numerical risk analysis of vendor/partner security issues
-Risk reduction or risk acceptance
-Documented exposure
-Iterative process for risk management
-Happy CIO

So a Supplier Security assessment follow 4 main steps:

1 Analyze current vendor database, catageorize each determine risk of each supplier,

2 Determine threats posed by each supplier
3 Perform assessment tests of each supplier, their processes of interaction, and data access
4 Develop risk mitigation plan, update processed, monitoring processes

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